What will you be known for when you lose weight?

5 Top Moves for Seeing Yourself on the Horizon

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You'll fit in here.

You'll conquer your fears by developing a positive mindset, finding your motivation, being empowered, cooking with whole foods, and engaging in fitness.

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If you're feeling overwhelmed due to your weight and you're afraid of failure, fear success, gaining weight instead of losing it, and being rejected or fitting in, I'd love to help you get over your fears and be fully engaged in your life again.

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Guts to Gain

The ultimate program in weight loss that looks at nutrition, diet and your anxieties in losing weight. You'll have an in-depth understanding of the gut-brain connection and conquer your fears using this theory. You'll gain your self-esteem, and be back in the saddle for events you've been missing out on!

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Finding Your Voice


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Energetic Ecosystem


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Challenge Yourself

You'll face what has been holding you back and unlock your internal motivators to lose weight and smash your goals.

Innovative Sessions

You'll develop nerves of steel as you get you push you forward to get your health back. You'll be ready and confident to enjoy your life. 

Holistic Wellness

You'll have the heart to nourish your mind-gut connection—deep healing for your mindset, motivation, and strength-based.



Limited Time Offer Reg. $97

  • Workbook style meal planner designed to shift your mindset, so you love meal planning
  • Learn the food YOU need and add them to your grocery list.
  • Create meals for YOU (and your family)
  • Focus on healing your gut to ease fears and lose weight.

Bonus Material means more balanced meals!


Grab your meal plan by February 15, 2021, and you'll have access to all the materials on supplements and five templates for ensuring your meals are healthy, helping you lose weight and healing your guts-brain connection. 

Kelly S.


"Covid hit us all hard but Mindy managed to continue to keep us all engaged, give us some tools to work with and some goals to work on. I loved the fact that there was no pressure just gentle support and encouragement. However, I am sure if I would have needed a kick in the butt she would have obliged!!! The group of ladies I was with were great as well, supportive, funny, and real! 
Thanks, Mindy I look forward to 2021 with some awesome health coaching !!"
Michelle H.

"I felt so supported in this journey. Mindy was there 100% when I was in need of encouragement or just to point out something that I hadn't acknowledged. She has a gentle but firm approach-not overly flowery or fluffy-fact-based sprinkled with a lot of fun and great dialogue. Totally Recommend!!"






Susy A.

"Being able to work with Mindy was a privilege. She always created an environment that was supportive of her team and clients. Whenever complex situations arise, she is always willing to contribute and help. I always felt supported and validated.







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What Should I Actually Be Doing to Lose Weight?

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