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Top 5 Moves for Seeing Yourself On the Horizon

Jan 30, 2021

It's not hard to see yourself stuck in the middle of the lake where you are drowning in your problems, wondering when the skies will clear, and you'll be tossed a life jacket from spirit to take the next step. 

But what if that doesn't happen?

Many of us are here without the lucky hand to melt pounds away, reach our career goals, or find the perfect partner without doing the hard work to get our desires. 

You may find hints, synchronicities, tips, information, the list goes on from your thoughts and prayers, which is all great, but you really need to work and focus on achieving your goals.

The truth is there are no magic beans. 

There's no diet pill to get you shedding pounds and keeping weight off.

When we look at why this doesn't work, just like strict diets, there's no science behind the claims, and you don't balance the other areas in your life. You didn't mess up and learn from your mistakes. Trial and error create an opportunity to balance what worked, needs to be adjusted, or shelved altogether.

You need to get to the gym, figure out how to workout at home, create routines, and eat healthily. 

Even deeper than food and movement is the stuff that holds you back. You may not even recognize this space as fear.

Situations may trigger you with emotions of anger, sadness, resentment that can send you to the couch, blaming others and not working on yourself.

If you're getting angry, or you feel sad, upset, in denial, stuck, unmotivated, lost, overwhelmed, all these beautiful things, you need to work to get through these areas too. 

Feeling these emotions are normal, but they call out to you to manage them.

Women seem to anger and become upset over three main things: Having too much responsibility for others, not communicating their power or mistreatment in others or animals. 

Sound like someone else's fault?

It isn't.

Unfairness isn't the work of the evil world or people sharing your same air. You actually might not accept your responsibility in how to deal with the issues.

By taking a higher perspective and seeing yourself above your problems, you'll uncover how to manage or let go of the issues. You take the reins to solve your problems or send them off to the universe to release yourself from overwhelm. 

Okay, great, right?

But you're unmotivated and buried in your weight, job, and intimate relationship, and you can't even picture how the heck will get going out of the mess. Let me show you what you can start doing today to seeing yourself living in the solution and overcoming your problems.

Here are the Top 5 Moves You Can Do to See Yourself on the Horizon

  1. Awareness: It would help if you shifted your subconscious to your conscious mind. You know those emotional triggers you experience every day? Instead of letting them happen and fester, you need to get to the root of them. Take a good look at what's setting you off or back each day.
  2. Gratitude: Being thankful isn't a buzzword. The meaning of celebrating the good or bad in your life offers you an opportunity to truly learn from your results. I teach my clients I am thankful for x because of y. They often say I'm grateful I learned how to cook a recipe healthily because I no longer feel deprived, or I'm thankful I experienced abuse as a child because it made me the leader I am today. I learned to take care of myself.
  3. Meditation: Set time for yourself with no distractions. For some, especially in Western Culture, time alone can be challenging. Spend 10-15 minutes a day using meditation to clear your thoughts, relax and learn a new way of experiencing yourself. Meditation is an incredible soul journey. I especially like the repetitive hypnosis meditations as they often remind me to go deeper and cut out excessive noise.
  4. Taking Action:  You need a goal and a process. The step-by-step is how you reach your goals. Anyone can make a goal, but coming up with a blueprint, a unique way for you to make each next move is critical to your success. You'll be able to move forward with a plan; even if you don't hit all the things, you still have direction and intention each day. Your today becomes your tomorrow.
  5. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others: Stay in your lane. You need to surround yourself with supportive people and know with nearly 8 billion people globally, 8 billion different journies are happening simultaneously. Wow! You're here for your purpose, love, relationships, weight loss, lessons, teachings, and you'll do your life in alignment with you. 

Set aside some time each day to practice each of the tasks. 

These steps will become habits, or the next steps will become a part of your day-to-day routine, and you should notice yourself becoming lighter and more joyful each day, knowing your making progress. You're no longer fear-focused and can make the changes you need. You can focus on the solution rather than the problems. You're now on the horizon and kicking butt at anything your weight loss journey throws at you. 

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